Our Firm

Human Capital Consultants is a professional search firm specializing in placing advanced talent on a national basis. Launched in 2003, we’ve built a successful track record of identifying and placing leading talent in two interrelated sectors, HR and the C-Suite. Our clients are progressive corporate and non-profit organizations. We work across industries, having successfully partnered with clients in the following sectors; Technology, Healthcare, Biopharma, Finance, Energy, Legal, Insurance, Education, Consulting, Research, Think-Tanks, Advocacy, Government Contracting and many others.


Our People

The Search Business is about people, period. In order to find advanced talent for our clients, it’s important that we hire the best and the brightest recruiting professionals. We define the best as those who have achieved unparalleled success at recruiting leading professionals, those who have amassed a sizable network of advanced candidates, and those with an exceptional ability to assess people and discern the gifts of candidates. 

Our Diversity

At Human Capital Consultants Diversity is an open conversation. It’s a way of life. We embrace differences. Our commitment to Diversity is reflected in our operating policies, in the selection of our progressive clients, and through the intentionality with which we identify and hire our professional staff. We celebrate each of the major Diversity distinctions; Age, Gender, Physical Impairment, Racial and Cultural, Religious, Sexual Orientation, Socioeconomic and Class, Thought and Opinion.

We Embrace it, We Live it. That’s the Human Capital Way.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to identify advanced candidates and align them with our progressive clients. We exist to advance the quality of life for our candidates, and advance organizational performance for our clients. A byproduct of our work is ensuring that both our candidates and clients realize an experience – guided by honesty, candor, and thoughtful perspectives.

Our Values

  • Integrity. We foster a culture where honesty and openness are our guiding principles. 
  • Diversity. We champion each of the distinctions and incorporate them into our conduct of business.
  • Knowledge. We keep a pulse on emerging developments to maintain a leading edge in the market.
  • Accountability. We accept ownership of our individual and collective responsibilities.
  • Process. We repetitively use practices that yield efficient delivery of services.


Our Affiliations

Often we ask Executives what informs their thinking or perspective on a particular matter. Our views are shaped by the environments that we’re in, and the company we keep. Our Search Consultants are engaged in professional networks, participate in HR and Executive Leadership conferences, contribute insight to newsmaking stories, and we follow employment trends and the leading economic indicators that thrust or stall the economy. Our client's retain us for more than search assistance, but also sage counsel on matters pertaining to market trends and best practices. 

Our Vision

Our Vision is to become one of the leading, niche-market, search firms that carefully identifies and places thought-leading, diverse talent with the nation’s most progressive employers. 

Contact Us

If you’re thinking about adding new HR or C-Suite professionals to your team, contact our Washington, DC office at (202) 601-1080 or complete the profile below and one of our search team will contact you.