Our Executive Search Consultants are charged with guiding full life cycle recruiting efforts. Supported by internal team resources, this allows our Consultants to maximize effectiveness during the search as they are intimately familiar with the clients’ needs. Our search consultants source unique candidates, regionally and nationally, and upon identification we conduct a preliminary background investigation - even before engaging the candidate(s). Then we telephone screen candidates that are identified as potential fits for your open position(s). The next round of discussion includes a series of face to face or video interviews to further assess the fit and appropriateness of candidates. The top candidates that demonstrate both genuine interest in the position and have successfully advanced through our rigorous screening and interviewing will be introduced to our clients, their board of directors, and or search committees. 

Once the right match is identified and the client is in agreement to make a conditional employment offer, our search consultants proceed with a full background investigation that includes civil, criminal and traffic court investigations, consumer credit check and drug testing – if applicable, education and certifications verifications, security clearance validation – if applicable, and reference checks. Our guiding principles are to ensure that every candidate is evaluated and assessed for their “fit-ness” for your organization. 

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