Job Description Development

With the completion of hundreds of search engagements over the years, we have built a repository of job descriptions across many disciplines. Having an outside perspective on how to frame your position can broaden the appeal of your organization and narrow the pool to more qualified and sincere candidates. A job description is best when tailored to a specific candidate population and written with precision. Our team of skilled communication specialists can assist in developing your job description by illuminating your organization's profile and highlighting the present and future state of the function, department or the organization at large. Gain insight, leverage access to counsel, and fill your position with the uniquely qualified candidate you seek.

Compensation Benchmarking

Attracting advanced talent is a part brand awareness, positional appeal, organizational culture, and compensation and benefits. The caliber of your workforce is determined by many factors; compensation is a critical component. As a value added service, Human Capital Consultants offers compensation benchmarking to each client, thereby ensuring that your position’s compensation is competitive and in line with normative market data. Building a compensation model that aligns to the position duties requires access to relevant, real-time data. Organically, we have built a compensation warehouse of various positions and are equipped to price jobs across many factors.

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