We know HR Talent. We have invested years developing relationships from practitioners to the executive ranks. We track career progression of leading candidates. We carefully monitor the trends and institutional challenges that exist in organizations. What's more, we consistently provide counsel to the C-Suite and Heads of HR. Our client support is not limited to traditional search activity but includes sound boarding and serving as an impartial thought-partner helping you manage one of the most vexing challenges: strategic talent acquisition. 

We are not your typical search firm. Our staff, uniquely selected, are former HR practitioners, leaders, and executives. As a result, we are better equipped to assist with the selection of your HR team... we are familiar with the challenges you face. Progressive employers partner with Human Capital Consultants in part because we are a search firm, but also for the knowledge exchange and access to HR trends, informed insights, and simply put... a warm and objective partnership.

If you are strengthening or rebuilding your HR leadership or executive team and selecting baseline, recycled talent is no longer acceptable, we welcome a conversation. 

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